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When Your Voicemails and Emails Go Unanswered, What Should You Do? PDF Print E-mail
A few months ago Alex, a marketing consultant I know, met with Sam, the head of marketing at a pharmaceutical company, to explore the possibility of doing a branding project.* They had a great meeting. Or so Alex thought.

But a month later, after the emails and voicemails that Alex left for Sam remained unanswered, Alex was second guessing himself. He figured he did something wrong in the interview and lost the job.
M&A Needn’t Be a Loser’s Game PDF Print E-mail
Three out of four acquisitions fail; they destroy wealth for the buyer's shareholders, who end up worse off than they would have been had the deal not been done. But it doesn't have to be that way.

In evaluating acquisitions, companies must look beyond the lure of profits the income statement promises and examine the balance sheet, where the company keeps track of capital. It's ignoring the balance sheet that causes so many acquisitions to destroy shareholders' wealth.
The High Cost of Accurate Knowledge PDF Print E-mail
Many business thinkers believe it's the role of senior managers to scan the external environment to monitor contingencies and constraints and to use that precise knowledge to modify the company's strategy and design. As these thinkers see it, managers need accurate and abundant information to carry out that role. According to that logic, it makes sense to invest heavily in systems for collecting and organizing competitive information.

Another school of pundits contends that because today's complex information often isn't precise anyway, it's not worth going overboard with such investments.
Eager Sellers and Stony Buyers: Understanding the Psychology of New-Product Adoption PDF Print E-mail
Companies that introduce new innovations are the most likely to flourish, so they spend billions of dollars making better products. But studies show that new innovations fail at a staggering rate. While many blame these misses on lackluster products, the reality isn't so simple.

The goods that consumers dismiss often do offer improvements over existing ones. So why don't people purchase them? And why do companies keep peddling products that buyers are likely to reject? 
Team-Building Exercises for Tough Times PDF Print E-mail
Chances are, anyone who has worked for a corporation has suffered through at least one irrelevant or embarrassing team-building exercise. But team-building activities aren't limited to trust falls and paint ball.

Used wisely, they can improve morale, foster cohesiveness, increase motivation, and focus a team on a problem. The best ones also give employees insight about their organization
Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness PDF Print E-mail
One of the first things I ask my new clients to do is write down three of their key strengths and three of their flaws. Typically, strengths might be attention to detail, focus, and drive; flaws can be delegation, lack of creativity, and people-management skills. I then ask clients to look carefully at what they have written.

Often, they will stare at the paper and then at me. They will ask me to explain. Rarely do they see the connection.
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