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The Power of Small Wins What is the best way to motivate employees to do creative work? Help them take a step forward every day.

In an analysis of knowledge workers' diaries, the authors found that nothing contributed more to a positive inner work life (the mix of emotions, motivations, and perceptions that is critical to performance) than making progress in meaningful work.
News and Analysis
When Followers Become Toxic  Leaders are vulnerable, too. That is, they can be led astray just as their followers can actually, by their followers. Sometimes, good leaders end up making poor decisions because well-meaning followers are united and persuasive about a course of action. This is a particular problem for leaders who attract and empower strong followers.

These executives need to become more skeptical of the majority view and push followers to examine their opinions more closely. At other times, leaders get into trouble because they are surrounded by followers who fool them with flattery and isolate them from uncomfortable realities.  Read more...
Tech and business
Have Mainframe Skills, Will Travel  In technology, the hot jobs aren't always in starting an Internet company from scratch or designing the slimmest laptop. In mainframe computing, an almost-forgotten corner of corporate information technology departments, demand is growing for a new generation of professionals who can manage these complex systems.

Computer scientists say mainframes, the machines housed in hulking metal boxes that store and process massive amounts of data for organizations, are unfairly regarded as historical curiosities when they in fact remain vital to corporations. As the Baby Boomers who set up these systems begin retiring, companies are searching in vain for new graduates with mainframe computing skills.  Read more...

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