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When to Keep Your Mouth Shut PDF Print E-mail
The pilot on tonight's flight just came on with an important announcement: we have enough fuel to get to Boston.

Hmmm. I probably was assuming that before he mentioned it. Is this something I really want to have brought to my attention? Is this something I need to hear? I started to imagine all the other situations in which I really would not appreciate an announcement: 
What Is Strategy? PDF Print E-mail
Today's dynamic markets and technologies have called into question the sustainability of competitive advantage. Under pressure to improve productivity, quality, and speed, managers have embraced tools such as TQM, benchmarking, and reengineering.

Dramatic operational improvements have resulted, but rarely have these gains translated into sustainable profitability. And gradually, the tools have taken the place of strategy. 
You Have More Capital than You Think PDF Print E-mail
Senior executives typically delegate responsibility for managing a firm's derivatives portfolio to in-house financial experts and the company's financial advisers.

That's a strategic blunder, argues this Nobel laureate, because the inventiveness of modern financial markets makes it possible for companies to double or even triple their capacity to invest in their strategic assets and competencies. Risks fall into two categories: 
Innovation: The Classic Traps PDF Print E-mail
Never a fad, but always in or out of fashion, innovation gets rediscovered as a growth enabler every half dozen years.

Too often, grand declarations about innovation are followed by mediocre execution that produces anemic results, and innovation groups are quietly disbanded in cost-cutting drives. Each managerial generation embarks on the same enthusiastic quest for the next new thing. 
Four Ways to Spur Innovation at Your Company PDF Print E-mail
For the big German software company SAP, it was a classic chicken-and-egg dilemma. The year was 2003, and SAP was just releasing its new NetWeaver platform--a nifty piece of software that fit on top of and around its existing enterprise applications, helping them talk to each other and to non-SAP applications.

SAP was trying to make the most of a then-new way of integrating software called service-oriented architectures, which allow computers to more easily share data and services.
Getting Past Yes: Negotiating As If Implementation Mattered PDF Print E-mail
Many deals that look good on paper never materialize into value-creating endeavors. Often, the problem begins at the negotiating table. In fact, the very person everyone thinks is pivotal to a deal's success--the negotiator--is often the one who undermines it.

That's because most negotiators have a deal maker mind-set: They see the signed contract as the final destination rather than the start of a cooperative venture. 
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