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In Praise of Boundaries: A Conversation with Miss Manners PDF Print E-mail
The past three decades have been a time of increasing informality in the American workplace. It's easy to characterize this growing comfort with the casual as a positive step for workplace culture, an outgrowth of the American democratic belief in workers' equality.

Informal environments are said to be more trusting and open, and workers who are free to express their personalities are more comfortable and, thus, more creative--right? According to etiquette guru Judith Martin--known far and wide as Miss Manners--informality in the workplace may do more harm than good. 
T-Mobile lost disk containing data on 17 million customers PDF Print E-mail

Deutsche Telekom's German mobile phone subsidiary T-Mobile lost a disk containing personal information about 17 million of its customers in early 2006, the company said Saturday.

Silent about the data loss for more than two years, the company published its version of events on Saturday following a report in German news magazine Der Spiegel that the data were being offered for sale on the Internet.

First installation in the United States by Obvio PDF Print E-mail
Obvio and Patron join efforts.
Obvio Advertising WWC and The Patron Spirits Company, have gathered efforts to install the first personalized fixture for Tequila Patron brand at Harstfield – Jackson International Airport of Atlanta.

On this occasion our key accounts manager flew to oversee the installation of the fixture –the first one in the US– and to meet our key business partner in order to obtain the first impressions of the unit placed in the store.

Google challenges Microsoft with new browser PDF Print E-mail
Google launched its own Internet browser, opening up a new challenge in cyberspace to Microsoft and its dominant Internet Explorer.The California-based Web search leader said the new browser called Google Chrome would "add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web."

"Google Chrome is a new approach to the browser that's based on the simplicity and power that users have come to expect from Google products," the company said in a statement.
Avatar-Based Marketing PDF Print E-mail
Companies spend large sums trying to segment, reach, and influence potential customers. They should think about targeting those customers’ online alter egos, as well.

Take a minute—go ahead, don’t be timid—to step into the strange but compelling virtual world of Second Life. The landscape of brown hills is dotted with often-fantastic buildings—some homes, some businesses—and a tantalizing array of information kiosks, drivable vehicles, and fanciful interactive objects just waiting to be investigated.
Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons PDF Print E-mail
In the winter of 2000, at the height of the dot-com boom, business leaders posed for the covers of Time, BusinessWeek, and the Economist with the aplomb and confidence of rock stars.

These were a different breed from their counterparts of just 10 or 20 years before, who shunned the press and whose comments were carefully crafted by corporate PR departments.  Such love of the limelight often stems from what Freud called a narcissistic personality, says psychoanalyst and anthropologist Michael Maccoby. Narcissists are good for companies in extraordinary times--those that need people with the passion and daring to take them in new directions. 
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