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Critique Me, Please PDF Print E-mail
In the sciences, questions usually have a concrete answer like "five" or "mass times the speed of light squared." In contrast, in the arts and design there are no "constants" or "equations" or "laws" which judge "right" and "wrong."

Instead, we use the time-honored tradition of critique, or "crit," as a means to seeking improvement on a work along a multitude of subjective axes. Many of the axes on which artwork is judged are increasingly useful to think about in business:
Stop Wasting Valuable Time PDF Print E-mail
Companies routinely squander their most precious resource--the time of their top executives. In the typical company, senior executives meet to discuss strategy for only three hours a month.

And that time is poorly spent in diffuse discussions never even meant to result in any decision. The price of misused executive time is high. Delayed strategic decisions lead to overlooked waste and high costs, harmful cost reductions, missed new product and business development opportunities, and poor long-term investments. 
Are You Spending Your Time the Right Way? PDF Print E-mail
Though most managers understand intellectually that time is their scarcest resource, few make the effort to gain a strategic perspective on how they spend their hours each week.

Still fewer make a regular practice of keeping track of how the priorities they say are most important jibe with the way they actually spend their time. "Those we label natural born leaders know how to leverage their time," writes Warren Blank in The 108 Skills of Natural Born Leaders (Amacom, 2001). For those in whom this talent is not innate, here's how to do it.
Investigative Negotiation PDF Print E-mail
You’ve just asked a supplier for exclusive rights to a new ingredient for a product you intend to market globally. He balks. You sweeten the deal by offering a higher price. But he still won’t budge.

You could assume the situation’s hopeless and walk away. However…you decide instead to ask why the supplier won’t provide exclusivity. He says another buyer needs a tiny amount of the ingredient for a locally sold product. You propose exclusivity with the exception of this small amount. The supplier agrees.

You’ve just practiced investigative negotiation, 
How to Counter Resistance to Change PDF Print E-mail
Across the table from my most important and challenging client, I faced a conflict that required a delicate and sophisticated approach if I was to achieve the outcome I wanted. This client is by far the savviest negotiator I've ever faced and she's driven to win. The conversation went something like this:

"Daddy, what's for dessert?" Isabelle was six at the time. Willpower was not one of her "areas needing development."
How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself PDF Print E-mail
You're in the elevator with the hiring manager of Dream-Job Corporation.

As the door slides shut, you feel a combination of adrenaline and slight nausea: you've got 15 seconds, if that, to communicate your value as a potential employee in a compelling way — just 15 seconds to cram in a whole resume's worth of work and accomplishments and late nights and successes. There's so much you want to say, but your message has got to be crisp, tailored, to-the-point. 
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