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Six IT Decisions Your IT People Shouldn't Make PDF Print E-mail
Senior managers often feel frustration--even exasperation--toward information technology and their IT departments. The managers complain that they don't see much business value from the high-priced systems they install, but they don't understand the technology well enough to manage it in detail.

So they often leave IT people to make, by default, choices that affect the company's business strategy. The frequent result? Too many projects, a demoralized IT unit, and disappointing returns on IT investments.
Why Bad Projects Are So Hard to Kill PDF Print E-mail
Even at the prototype stage, experts were saying the technology was obsolete. Yet, in the face of tepid consumer response, the company stubbornly kept increasing production capacity and developing new models. By the time it was finally killed, the initiative had cost the company an astounding $580 million and had tied up resources for 14 years.

The product was RCA's SelectaVision videodisc recorder, and its story is hardly unique. Companies make similar mistakes--if on a somewhat smaller scale--all the time. But why?
A peek into the Internet in 2035 PDF Print E-mail
Expect the line between real and virtual to continually get blurred, said Vint Cerf. Credited as one of the "founding fathers of the Internet" for co-designing the TCP/IP protocol of the Internet, Vinton G. Cerf is today Google's vice president and chief Internet evangelist.

Speaking at a media roundtable, Cerf delivered several predictions on what life around the Internet might be like in 2035 as it evolves with the technology.: 

Seize Advantage in a Downturn PDF Print E-mail
Downturns offer a rare opportunity to outmaneuver rivals. But to do so, you must first systematically assess your organization's ability to weather the storm and take corrective action.

David Rhodes and Daniel Stelter, of the Boston Consulting Group, offer a comprehensive approach to tackling this simultaneously defensive and offensive challenge. 
On Innovators, Imitators, and Idiots PDF Print E-mail
I'm not sure who said it first, but I agree with the sentiment: "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." We're all struggling to make sense of the financial crisis that has spread around the world, to learn some lessons that will guide us as we go forward.
One of my worries is that many of us will learn the wrong lessons -- specifically, that we will become too conservative and risk-averse, that we will learn to fear creativity rather than embrace it.
The Power of Small Wins PDF Print E-mail
What is the best way to motivate employees to do creative work? Help them take a step forward every day.

In an analysis of knowledge workers' diaries, the authors found that nothing contributed more to a positive inner work life (the mix of emotions, motivations, and perceptions that is critical to performance) than making progress in meaningful work.
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