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eBay Cuts Staff, Buys Bill Me Later PDF Print E-mail

eBay said today it is purchasing U.S. based online payments business Bill Me Later for approximately $820 million in cash and $125 million in outstanding options.

The company is also buying Denmark based online classified site and vehicles site for $390 million in cash.

Guerrilla marketers use mobile billboards for surprise ad attacks PDF Print E-mail
In a world where everything is mobile, even billboards are starting to move in surprising ways. Large advertising messages traditionally fixed to sides of buildings or planted along roadways are being freed by digital projectors and laptop computers to pop up in unexpected places.

With these tools and some advance planning, Dennis Catalfumo and workers from Interference Inc. create advertisements where there were none before.
Computer virus goes into orbit PDF Print E-mail
NASA confirmed on Wednesday that a computer virus sneaked aboard the International Space Station only to be tossed into quarantine on July 25 by security software.

A "worm type" virus was found on laptop computers that astronauts use to send and receive email from the station by relaying messages through a mission control center in Texas, according to NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries.
Understanding Leadership PDF Print E-mail
Attempts to analyze leadership tend to fail because the would-be analyst misconceives his task. He usually does not study leadership at all. Instead he studies popularity, power, showmanship, or wisdom in long-range planning.

Some leaders have these things, but they are not of the essence of leadership.Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of human assistants. 
Talent Management for the Twenty-First Century PDF Print E-mail
Failures in talent management are an ongoing source of pain for executives in modern organizations. Over the past generation, talent management practices have by and large been dysfunctional, leading corporations to lurch from surpluses of talent to shortfalls to surpluses and back again.

At its heart, talent management is simply a matter of anticipating the need for human capital and then setting out a plan to meet it. Current responses to this challenge largely fall into two distinct—and equally ineffective—camps. 
When Followers Become Toxic PDF Print E-mail
Leaders are vulnerable, too. That is, they can be led astray just as their followers can actually, by their followers. Sometimes, good leaders end up making poor decisions because well-meaning followers are united and persuasive about a course of action. This is a particular problem for leaders who attract and empower strong followers.

These executives need to become more skeptical of the majority view and push followers to examine their opinions more closely. At other times, leaders get into trouble because they are surrounded by followers who fool them with flattery and isolate them from uncomfortable realities. 
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