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Domain names will run out by 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Big businesses need to start planning now to handle changes that will take place when a new version of the Internet's fundamental routing protocol becomes ubiquitous, or risk losing online customers, according to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Most Internet communications currently use Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4). However, IPv6 is increasingly being used, and IPv4 addresses, which are co-ordinated by ICANN, will run out by 2011. Large businesses will not be directly affected, as most use private IP addresses. However, ICANN said businesses should still implement IPv6-compatible hardware and systems or face being left behind. 
Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life PDF Print E-mail
Work fills most executives' lives to the brim, leaving insufficient time for their families, their communities, and themselves. But Wharton professor Friedman suggests that, rather than view the problem as a set of trade-offs, executives use their leadership talents to benefit all four domains at once.

The idea is to design experiments - small, short-term adjustments to their daily routines - that incorporate and mutually benefit the various aspects of their lives. If an experiment works out, everyone wins - employer, employee, family, and community; if it doesn't, it simply becomes a low-cost learning opportunity. 
The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution PDF Print E-mail
A brilliant strategy may put you on the competitive map. But only solid execution keeps you there. Unfortunately, most companies struggle with implementation. Thatís because they overrely on structural changes, such as reorganization, to execute their strategy.

Though structural change has its place in execution, it produces only short-term gains. For example, one company reduced its management layers as part of a strategy to address disappointing performance. Costs plummeted initially, but the layers soon crept back in.
When Your Colleague Is a Saboteur PDF Print E-mail
Mark Landstad, relatively new to CliffBank's investment banking division, has a veteran teammate, Nicole Collins, who appears to be a reliable ally. However, when Mark needs her help in locating vital information for his part of a presentation they will be doing together, she feigns ignorance.

During the meeting, Nicole produces the data out of the blue and wows the attendees with her analysis. Knocked off balance by the sabotage, Mark clumsily seeks advice from his boss, who is a brick wall when it comes to interpersonal dynamics. How should Mark deal with his backstabbing colleague? 
Women and the Vision Thing PDF Print E-mail
Are women rated lower than men in evaluations of their leadership capabilities because of lingering gender bias? No, according to an analysis of thousands of 360-degree assessments collected by Insead's executive education program.

That analysis showed that women tend to outshine men in all areas but one: vision. Unfortunately, that exception is a big one. At the top tiers of management, the ability to see opportunities, 
Matsushita changes name to Panasonic PDF Print E-mail
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., a major Japanese electronics maker that rivals Sony Corp., said Wednesday it changed its name to Panasonic Corp., as expected.

The company's ticker on the New York Stock Exchange has been changed to "PC" from "MC," effective immediately. Last month, the company said it will stop using its Japanese brand name, "National," in favor of "Panasonic" and start a marketing 
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