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The Hidden Traps in Decision Making PDF Print E-mail
Bad decisions can often be traced back to the way the decisions were made--the alternatives were not clearly defined, the right information was not collected, the costs and benefits were not accurately weighed.

But sometimes the fault lies not in the decision-making process but rather in the mind of the decision maker: The way the human brain works can sabotage the choices we make.
How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself PDF Print E-mail
You're in the elevator with the hiring manager of Dream-Job Corporation.

As the door slides shut, you feel a combination of adrenaline and slight nausea: you've got 15 seconds, if that, to communicate your value as a potential employee in a compelling way just 15 seconds to cram in a whole resume's worth of work and accomplishments and late nights and successes. There's so much you want to say, but your message has got to be crisp, tailored, to-the-point. 
Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business PDF Print E-mail
International flights that don't cost a thing? Books or music you don't have to pay for? Even companies handing out cars? Traditional business is based on the certainty that everything has a price. But now US writer Chris Anderson believes we are at the dawn of a new consumerist era, governed by what he dubs 'freeconomics'

Chris Anderson's freeconomics thesis is that more and more goods and services are being provided for free and that those businesses that fail to follow suit are likely to go to the wall. 
Beware the Baboon Boss PDF Print E-mail
If your workplace is like many these days, all eyes are on the boss. The numbers aren't good, the senior team is huddling, and change is in the air. Everyone studies their supervisor's every move and utterance for clues to the danger ahead.

It turns out this isn't just a rational response to uncertainty; it's in our evolutionary biology. 
Don't Give Up on Change PDF Print E-mail
Change takes longer than we think and the process is difficult. Acknowledging these facts can make your attempts more successful. My co-author Dr. Kelly Goldsmith, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, and I researched why people give up on their goals. We discovered that there are five common reasons.

Understanding these roadblocks will help you apply some preventive medicine and increase the odds that you won't fall into the same old traps.
Staying with No PDF Print E-mail
No one likes hearing "No," and few can resist pushing back sometimes quite persistently. Roger Fisher, negotiation expert and coauthor of the widely influential book Getting to Yes, used to tell his law students that sometimes he wished he had written a book about getting to no and staying there. When disappointed family members or colleagues pushed back at his no, he would sometimes give up and give in.

Like Fisher, most of us find ourselves torn between our wish to stay with no and our desire to accommodate the person asking us for something. 
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