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The Enemies of Trust PDF Print E-mail
Researchers have established that trust is critical to organizational effectiveness. Being trustworthy yourself, however, does not guarantee that you are capable of building trust in an organization.

That takes old-fashioned managerial virtues like consistency, clear communication, and a willingness to tackle awkward questions. It also requires a good defense: You must protect trust from its enemies. Any act of bad management erodes trust.
Top Ten Ways to Find Joy at Work PDF Print E-mail
Although some studies report growing employee cynicism, job satisfaction polls show high satisfaction rates for those still employed.

Job security has been the most important factor in an 80% satisfied rate for the past two years, followed by compensation and benefits, in Society for Human Resource Management surveys.
How to Avoid Catastrophe PDF Print E-mail
Most business failures--such as engineering disasters, product malfunctions, and PR crises--are foreshadowed by near misses, close calls that, had luck not intervened, would have had far worse consequences.

The space shuttle Columbia's fatal reentry, BP's Gulf oil rig disaster, Toyota's stuck accelerators, even the iPhone 4's antenna failures--all were preceded by near-miss events that should have tipped off managers to impending crises.
The Case for Executive Assistants PDF Print E-mail
As technology has transformed the workplace and organizations have downsized, companies have sharply reduced the ranks of administrative assistants.

But many firms have gone too far. In their zeal for cutting administrative expenses, numerous organizations now count on highly paid middle and upper managers to arrange their own travel, file expense reports, and schedule meetings.
Is Silence Killing Your Company? PDF Print E-mail
Many times, often with the best of intentions, people at work decide it's more productive to remain silent about their differences than to air them. But as new research, silencing doesn't smooth things over or make people more productive.

It merely pushes differences beneath the surface and can set in motion powerfully destructive forces. When people stay silent about important disagreements, they can begin to fill with anxiety, anger, and resentment. 
Decisions Without Blinders PDF Print E-mail
By the time Merck withdrew its pain relief drug Vioxx from the market in 2004, more than 100 million prescriptions had been filled in the United States alone. Yet researchers now estimate that Vioxx may have been associated with as many as 25,000 heart attacks and strokes.

Evidence of the drug's risks was available as early as 2000, so why did so many doctors keep prescribing it?
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